Monday, January 16, 2012

A Floor Plan: This is what I have seen in my mind, on and off, for a long time.

This is a sketch of the floor plan I have envisioned, on and off, for a few years. 
  • First, I love the thought of having a K-5 pod and a 6-8 pod. Each pod would have couches, a meeting area, and study corrals to either study/take an assessment or use laptop computers. The area is large enough where multiple grade levels can work together, but small enough that it is still personal. Teachers could easily differentiate and meet with small groups. Obviously, the two age groups would be separated because of age and different learning demands. 
  • The cafeteria has some booths and tables to seat approximately 120 during lunch periods. The stage at the front connects to a drama and music room behind it (with ample storage space). As you can see, there is a student kitchen with an adult demonstration area as well. Not all components were included in the drawing, but it shows the basic envisioned format. 
  • There would not be an art teacher, but there would be an art studio so students could use materials along with their class for exploration. Ideally, we would have a spinning clay wheel and lots of materials for 2D art. 
  • Last, the library would have beautiful windows to let in some natural light. At first I said floor-to-ceiling windows, but then a friend stated it could cause the books to fade and limit shelf space, so I may revamp that idea a bit. Nonetheless, though, I can envision the library and think it can be one of the nicest places the entire school has to offer. 
  • Not shown: Greenhouse, playground, basketball courts, and open grassy field (behind the school)

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