Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Honorable School: Laurence School in Valley Glen, California

I found a school online that embodies so much of the school I want to start. Laurence School is a K-6 school that has been in operation for six decades. Not only do they have wonderful journalism and performing arts programs and a greenhouse as well, they have a very well-rounded curriculum.

My friend Rebecca told me yesterday that designing a school was a part of her Masters program- not something I have considered yet for numerous reasons (time and finances, in particular). It made me smile that envisioning your own school is a component of professional development.It also makes me smile that I am doing my research and seeing the results of those who DREAMED, who had a VISION.

There are differences in the types of facilities I desire to build,  but their general vision coincides with mine almost completely. Mark me impressed.

And the journey continues! If you visit their website, you will likely be impressed as well! There is so much to be inspired by, and I will continue to develop my this project. Thank you for any input so far. I have only exposed the tip of the iceberg.

p.s. I know it is so off-topic bringing up the Dick and Jane Baking Company, but even the prospect of Smart Cookies (also served at our school, or have been served, to my knowledge) make me smile. They are a very wholesome, personable company with delicious, educational treats.

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